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It all started when my brother bought me a portable cassette recorder. I stayed in my room for hours recording shows. I was 11. Fast forward to high school, I got into photography. I was the school campus newspaper photo editor.
I then went to college and was the campus newspaper photo editor there. I attended the New York Institute of Photography. To pay for expenses, I started shooting spot news photos for local and regional newspapers.
I then got into broadcasting attending Columbia School of Broadcasting. I was then hooked. From there, I got a few radio internships then got my first overnight radio job in Modesto, CA.
Almost ten radio stations later, TV gigs, and professional voiceover; I have reduced myself to a online blog. I’ve arrived.


Resources, tips, training for voiceover artists.

Great website for voiceover artists

One of the biggest mistakes voiceover artists do is not warming up their voice.  Here are some great tips for warming up your voice before recording script.

This is so important to remember when producing a podcast 

It's all about the art of the DJ!

High quality DJ and radio ID tags! 


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