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"Ear candy" describes his choice in music selections. He takes his audience on an aural journey of vibrant rhythms, wicked basslines, melodic keys together with an array of live instruments and soulful vocals, creating a festive atmosphere throughout his set. Diego’s eclectic soundtrack spans the eras from 70’s soul r&b jazz funk classics, 80’s dance oriented rock, 90’s soulful house to today’s afrocentric sounds.

a DJ For more than two decade. Diego debut throughout South Beach's prominent night clubs, playing at notable venues from the likes of legendary Liquid, Crobar to Nikki Beach a sobe staple. Diego’s got a presence and image by his polished mix shows hosted on popular social media sites

Diego knows the music very well. He’s always up on the latest releases. He doesn't just play stacks of songs to gain more favoritism. He entertains and educates his audience. He's smooth on mix transitions, even on the most intricate blends, a drive that pulsates, keeping the momentum in the music going.

Diego’s mentor is Tony Humphries, which fueled his desire in mixing.

"I can remember listening to Tony as he rocked the airwaves on New York's WRKS 98.7 KISS FM during the early morning hours of the night, playing the latest in cutting edge house music."

In essence, like Tony, Diego maintains skill and definition.

Additionally, early on as a patron at the Shelter, Underground Network, Body & Soul, & Dance Ritual parties, Diego embraced his experiences at these pivotal events.

Influences: Joe Claussell, Francois K, Little Louie Vega

In closing, Diego is an artist, in the 'art of mixing' and foremost in today's sound. He’s a taste maker, in the front-lines to test a new artist, or a new song on a real audience. As a seasoned DJ, up and coming producer and remixer, Diego has the power to sway people from one groove to the next.

Sup party people welcome and thank you for taking time out to tune in! We are in the thick of summer as we continue to enjoy and celebrate during the season. Let's be festive, remember to say 'I love you' to those near and dear to you because tomorrow is not promised. As the Summer madness continues let us unite in peace.

My kind condolences to the families of their loved ones whom parishes in the El Paso, Texas incident.


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