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This is a group for radio broadcasters, DJs and air personalities to post and share their radio demos or airchecks.  

Attention voiceover artists!  Make money off your craft.  Create a free account.  Post for free. 

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It's a marriage made in heaven!  PhonicGuild and DJCAA unite for an extended organization for podcasters, DJs, Voiceover artists, radio talent and recording artists.  It's all about voice talents.  There's no other platform out there that is devoted for this specfic talent.

DJCAA is an organization for professional DJs.  All the resources are still there.  Now, our DJ members will be able to take advantage of all the resources and services that PhonicGuild has to offer.

This web portal allows members to share information, ideas, creative work and much more.  We also have services, products and media that will help you grow your business and/or career.

As always, membership is absolutely free.  It's only available if you are a professional voiceover artist, DJ, broadcaster or podcaster.  Sign up now and take advantage of all that PhonicGuild has to offer!




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This article is going to share with you 25 tips on how to be a professional DJ.  How to make money as a pro DJ and how to run a successful professional DJ business.  Now, if you're reading this hoping to see simple steps to start right away; that's not going to happen.  We want you to be a "successful" professional DJ, not one of many out there claiming to be a pro.

You need to understand you must "practice" your craft.  You need to know the music.  You need to know the technical part of the business.  So this article is not about teaching you that.  Imagine if we wrote a article on how paint artwork or how to sing or how to be creative.  Those are crafts you must practice and continually rehearse.  The same applies to being a professional DJ.

Here's the problem, many wanting to get into the DJ business don't want to put the work in that's needed to be a true professional.  They just want the accolades or the quick buck.  So they get the auto-mix software, laptop and label themselves as a Pro DJ.  Many now just connect their phones and put the initials "DJ" in front of their name.

With all that in mind, here are the tips to be a true professional DJ:



1.  Continue to practice and work on your craft.  You always have to stay on top of your game.

2.  Always make new mixes.  Spend time each week working on your mixes and skills.

3.  Stay on top of the music scene.  Know your artists, know your music.  Know what's going on.

4.  Stay on top of technology and equipment.  Don't be loyal to out of date equipment and software.  Especially software.  Software is constantly updated.  Don't get left behind and keep up with your knowledge.

5. ALWAYS be open to learning new skills.  There are too many DJs out there acting like Mr/Mrs know-it-all.  There's always new equipment and software to learn.



1.  Always keep your name out there.  Always promote yourself.

2.  Social marketing.  You must have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Use them everyday for your business.

3.  Business cards are NOT out of date.  So, get business cards for your DJ business!  They still are one of the best advertising platforms.  Hand them out to everyone you meet.  The person may not need you at the time however your card will popup when they do need a DJ.

4.  You need a website!  A website shows that you are a true professional.  It reassures potential/future customers that you've been doing this for awhile.  It's also a platform to fully explain what you do, how you do it and why they should select you.

5.  You need to invest in advertising.  Spend some money on Facebook Ads, Good Adwords, Bing Ads.  OOL Web Hosting provides a  $100 Google Adwords Credit, a $100 Bing Advertising credit when you order their inexpensive web hosting package.



1.  Your image is one of the most important parts of your DJ business.  How your business looks to others will make or break you.  Invest time and money to creat a professional DJ image.

2.  Your website, logo, social pages and print material should all be professionally created.

3.  Your pricing should be competitive with the region or community you reside in.  Compare what others are charging, offer specials and don't undercut yourself.

4.  With the DJ profession, you're dealing with a wide variety of clients.  Directly targeting a specific niche market is fine, but make sure you stick with that.  For example, if you only deal with dance nightclubs (and a younger demographic) but your website states "I also do weddings".  That doesn't make sense.   If you are a overall DJ that does a variety of venues and services; make sure you treat each client appropriately based on their niche needs.  

5.  Get feedback.  After creating a ad, a website, logo or post; have others look at it and get feedback.  Feedback is one of the most valuable tools out there.  What you think may be cool, others may think as tacky or unprofessional.  



1.  Your conduct will make or break you, period!  How you conduct yourself as a professional DJ and business will  successfully move your forward or put you out of business.  Always remember that.

2.  Listen to your client.  Don't tell your client what they want, listen to what they want.  That includes the music you play.  So many DJs feel the need to teach the crowd what they want to listen to.  Pros feel out the crowd and adjust their show accordingly.   During the consultation, LISTEN.  Ask questions.  Take notes.  Clients love the fact that their needs are being met and that you are paying attention.  

3.  Leave the attitude at home!  One of the biggest complaints clients have about bad DJs is their attitudes.  The know-it-all attitude.  The DJ that doesn't listen.  When a client asks for something and the DJ feels he/she's above that.  Be courteous, friendly, polite and professional .  It goes a long way and clients don't forget that.

4.  The BIGGEST complaint of a poor DJ is his/her conduct at the venue.  Being late, poorly dressed, unprepared are just a few of the complaints.  Other complaints are horrible mixing, bad music selection, bad equipment/sound system.  All these are your fault.  These are all things you should taken care of and prepared for.  You need to always be on time (better yet, be their early).  Always be professionally dressed.  Always make sure your equipment is in perfect working order.  Have backups, batteries, and a plan if something goes out.  Never, EVER drink on the job - even if the client offers.  You're getting paid to do a job, don't drink.

5.  After the gig, always send a Thank You card or email.  Clients love that.  A follow up message allows you to thank them and to offer a special deal for the next time.  It's one of the best marketing tools and it works!



1. Get a business license.  If you're a professional, you need to conduct yourself as one.  That means getting a business license from the city you're doing business in.

2.  Get DJ Insurance.  Protect your equipment.  Protect your liability and protect your business.  You need to get business insurance.  Most event or venues required that you have insurance.  Click here to get great insurance coverage at a low rate.

3. Make a quality contract.  Always have a contract when conducting any gig.  This includes doing a gig for family and friends.  It's so important that everyone is on the same page when it comes to you providing a service.  Put it in writing!

4. Set your rates and stick with it.  Don't pull numbers out the air.  You can set specific prices or you can set a hourly rate.  Have it all done in advance and don't guess.  Put some time in finding out what your time is worth and what the average rates are in your area.

5.  Be prepared to answer questions.  When a client calls and inquires about your services, you need to be prepared.  Know your rates, know the services, know your contract.  Fumbling with numbers and answers will only motivate the client to go with someone else.  


Please take the time to read these tips again and again.  As a matter of fact, save this article and refer to it when needed.  It's best to check each tip off as you do them so you know you're covered.  Doing everything on this list can reassure you and your clients that you are a true professional DJ.

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A place to talk everything podcasts

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A place for podcasters to share info, ideas, news and more.  

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