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So, what Is DJCAA?

The Disc Jockey Certification Association of America is an organization committed to promoting, registering and verifying professional DJs. We do this via a patent-pending certification process that includes setting specific standards that Disc Jockeys should follow.


DJCAA Memberships include 3 levels.  The standard level is free.  Premium level is $48/year and the Certification level is $72/year.




This Certification level is a exclusive membership and is not available to all DJs. It's a membership that requires each applicant to pass a *certification process and commit to professional and ethical industry standards.

As a member of the DJCAA, you are letting recording artists, venues and promoters know that you are a true professional DJ. A DJ that not only knows his/her craft but has been confirmed and verified through a third-party *certification process.

Once you have been accepted, and certified, into the DJCAA; you will have a secure website landing page that confirms your experience, job history, residency and music knowledge.

Why Should I Be Certified?

Simply put, it separates you from the amateur or DJ Hobbyist. Here's the argument; for years professional DJs have been outbid or undercut by amateur DJs for events and venues. With today's technology, someone can buy a laptop and software and instantly become a (so-called) DJ. Now a days, amateurs prerecord their mixes, burn them on a CD or file them on their computer, then stand behind the platform like they're mixing.

Then there's the legal aspect of the business. Many amateur DJ's will make their mixes available on their website. They illegally sell their mixes on burned CDs or downloadable files which affects the reputation of all of us.

To be certified by DJCAA, you're guaranteeing the public, recording artists, promoters and venues that you are a certified true DJ professional.

What Is The *Certification Process?

It's a patent-pending 3-stage process that is performed by professional staff members of DJCAA. Each stage of the process is verified and confirmed by more than one staff member. The first stage is confirming your job history, experience and residencies. The second stage is a DJ reference check to confirm no standing complaints pending. The third stage is the setup of your DJCAA profile and commtiment to professional standards like no music swapping, no online demo downloads, on-location conduct and more. It's definitely a certification that not all DJs pass.





The purpose of our organization is to verify, confirm and certify professional DJs. We do this to keep the reputation of our industry professional and respectable. Our certification process reassures recording artists, promoters, venues, individuals and businesses that they are hiring professional Disc Jockeys that are experienced and work to specific standards.

The DJCAA provides a patent-pending 3-stage process that confirms a DJ's work experience, ethics and professionalism. We do this by providing a third-party hands-on review of your background, job history, residency and music/mixing skills.






Once you (as a DJ) are certified, we provide secure, online documentation with a unique registration serial number to any inquiry. This documentation is provided on our servers with a click-able emblem that you can embed on your website, Facebook page, MySpace and more.


We can also provide you with a certificate confirming your background, job history, residency and music/mixing skills. This is an achievement that you can be proud of because not all applicants are approved.





We offer a true, honest, unbias process to determine if we can continue the full DJCAA profile account creation. We'll let you know ahead of time that you have a solid opportunity to be a DJCAA member or if it's unlikely.

*This free certification process costs you nothing and comes with no obligation.  This is NOT the full certification process but we can give you an idea if you're eligible.  Contact us for this service






Why would you register with this organization? Simply put, DJCAA acts as a third-party professional reference organization. It also allows you to officially certify that you are a professional Disc Jockey through a third-party organization. A patent-pending process that verifies your knowledge, job history, residencies, and hands-on mixing experience. Other industries and professions have similar standards and verifications and now there's a system for our profession.

As a "Certified DJ" and a registered member of the DJCAA, you will be among the elite professionals in our niche industry. You are letting venues, promoters, businesses and events know that you are a true DJ professional. You will have an exclusive registration number and serial number that confirms your DJ credentials and experience. This serial number is updated annually through a third-party verification process. This process includes background job history, experience and actual live review of your mixing skills.







As a "Certified DJ", you are also agreeing to the standards of conduct of a professional DJ. This includes (but not limited to), your professional business practices, your legal use of music, your reputation and involvement in our industry. By being a DJCAA Certified DJ, you're also letting the recording industry know that you are not music swapping or allowing users to download your mixes and other activity that's not legal.





The main goal of the DJCAA is to finally separate the professional from the amateur. The DJCAA has been put in place because there is a need for it. Many professional DJs have expressed how individuals, that know nothing about music, mixing or the industry; can go out and buy a computer and software and call themselves DJs. These individuals then go out to venues and events, undercut the Pro DJ and basically give our industry a bad name. These individuals also make the "demo" mixes available for download on their site. Most think by putting the clause "For promotional use only" or "for demo only" is legal. As a Certified DJ, you are separating yourself from other hobbiests or amateurs that call themselves DJs.

By putting the initials "DJ" in front of your name, doesn't make you a DJ. That's where the DJCAA comes into play. Now professional DJs can be confirmed and maintain their status throughout the years as a registered member. To be honest, becoming a "confirmed DJ" is a process that a lot will not pass. It's a process that requires you to have true professional experience. It's based on that experience if you will become certified or not. Every aspect of the confirmation process is checked and double checked. Many who apply will not be certified.

We want to make it clear that paying for registration does not mean you will become certified. Paying for registration covers the cost for us to perform the *certification process. This includes paperwork, hands on review, documentation and record keeping of your experience. Once again, this organization is to separate the professional from the amateur.





1. Who are you to say who's professional and who's not?

This is our most asked question. DJCAA is not an organization that waves a wand and says "you're professional" and "you're not". That's not how our process works. DJCAA acts as a third party organization for promoters, clients, pr and agents to use. They can count on us to do the background leg work to confirm quality, professional DJs. Our service does this via background checks, references, and hands-on reviews of the DJ's skills. We have a panel of music professionals that performs these tasks. Our parent company has been in the music industry for over 25 years. We have professional radio DJs and industry DJs with AT LEAST 15 years experience. We have a tried and tested process that works.


2. Why should I do this?

To separate yourself from the crowd. To show that you're a professional. To have a third-party organization confirm your talent. To let promoters, venues and events know that you are not a amateur. There are many reasons to register with DJCAA.


3. Does every DJ that registers get certified ?

Absolutely not. Simply by registering does not mean you get accepted into the DJCAA "certification" database. You must pass a  evaluation of your talent as well as accept the professional terms of our organization. You must have a history in the business that allows us to confirm this history.  You must order the Certification Membership for this process.


4. If I don't pass the DJCAA process, do I get a refund?

You are not charged for the DJCAA standard membership.  Premium membership comes with additional services.  The Certification Membership includes the certify process.  If you do not pass the process, there is not refund however, you still get the DJCAA membership.


5. I'm a beginner. Should I register for DJCAA Certification?

No. In most cases, we will not accept your certification registration and not charge you. We only certify professional DJs with a solid job history in the industry.  You can still sign up for the standard and premium membership.



6. What happens if you find out that I'm not following DJCAA professional standards?

You will be removed from our database. Your page will change to a "unconfirmed" status showing that you no longer belong to DJCAA.


7. Why has DJCAA set these standards and what are they based on?

We set these standards to separate the professional DJs from the amateurs. Our standards reassures promoters, venues, events AND recording artists that you are not only a professional but you're playing by the rules. You are conducting yourself in a professional manner. This means you don't use recording artist's music in your mixes then allow free downloads of those mixes. You don't burn CDs of your mixes (with copyrighted songs) and give them away.

There seems to be this notion that as long as you give the music away, you're not doing anything wrong. That's false. As a DJCAA Certified DJ, you follow the rules and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Those are the standards we set in this program.


8. What if I have a question that not answered in these FAQ?

Simply go to our CONTACT PAGE and we'll be happy to answer any question you may have.



9. How do you perform the 'hands-on' review of my mixing skills for the 'Titanium' Membership?

We have DJCAA on-location events where DJs come to the event and perform live in front of us.


10. How do you check my experience / background?

We have a online form that you fill out that includes past job history along with contact information. We have staff that checks with your contacts to confirm your work.


11. How do venues confirm my DJCAA qualifications?

We have a unique landing page specifically for you. You have a unique DJCAA emblem that you can put on your Facebook, webpage or other sites. When venues, promoters or events click your emblem, they will be taken to your unique DJCAA page to confirm your professional status. You do not have access to this page and it's specifically maintained by DJCAA staff. You can review the page anytime but you cannot make any changes to it.




If you have any other questions, Contact us!