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Separate yourself from the amateurs and get certified as a DJCAA professional.

It's a patent-pending 3-stage process that is performed by professional staff members of DJCAA. Each stage of the process is verified and confirmed by more than one staff member. The first stage is confirming your job history, experience and residencies. The second stage is confirmation of your on-location mixing skills.  The third stage is your signed commitment to certain professional standards like no music swapping, no online demo downloads, on-location conduct and more. It's definitely a certification that not all DJs pass.


How to become DJCAA certified

1. Review and understand the DJCAA process.

2. Sign up or upgrade your profile to a premium account

3. This is your temporary code (DB2DC5)  IMPORTANT - Please write it down for future communications.

4. We'll then go step by step (via email) through the DJCAA certification process.

5.  On the verification page, you'll notice a place to upload a photo.  Hold off on that because we will send you a photo (to upload)  for this process.