DJCAA's new website is exactly that; new.  Everything has been redesigned and rebuilt using the latest technology.  From the web server to the page coding, the web portal has been built from the ground up.

The first thing we wanted to do is make the site compatible on all devices.  So we made it responsive for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Now you can stay connected no matter where you are.

We then wanted to give you the freedom of having more control over your profile and certification page.  So we designed a lot of customized features for you to utilize.

We then added a YouTube plugin to allow you to add as many of you music videos as you want.  You can also create professional photo albums and upload music demos.

Our new profiler will allow producers and venues find the best talent to fit their needs.  Our rebuilt 'Search' option allows professionals to find you by name, location or experience.

We added an all-new "Gigs" section and a "Talent" section.  Both allow DJs and music professionals to look for gigs, present gigs and showcase their talent.

There's a lot more like blogs, forums, groups, store, daily music and industry news and so much more.

Everything you do on the site gets you points.  Points that you can rack up then redeem for professional services and upgrades.

Version 2.0 is the biggest and most dramatic upgrade we've done and we hope you not only enjoy it but get a lot out of it.

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