Interfusion Television is looking for music videos for the new 24-hour EDM IP Network.

Interfusion TV is a new 24-hour network all about DJs, EDM and dance music.  A network not only about this music scene, but looking behind the scenes and technical part of this industry.  Viewers watch online, on mobile, apps, Chromecast, ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many other applications.

DJCAA has made it easy for members to submit their videos to Interfusion.  No upload is required.  All members need to do is have their video on Youtube.  They then just click the "Videos" menu link on the DJCAA website.  From there, they just paste the Youtube web link into the "add video" ( by clicking the "+") and that's it!  DJCAA will then forward that link to Interfusion TV where they will convert the link to the video file they need to broadcast.

This is another amazing opportunity for DJCAA members to take advantage of.

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