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Disc Jockey Certification Associate of America

It’s time to get the edge over other DJs.  Time to separate yourself from the pack.  Stay away from the part-timers, amateurs and wannabes.  That’s what DJCAA is all about.

DJCAA (Disc Jockey Certification Association of America) is a organization that represents true professional DJs.  We promise the public and our clients that we only deal with real DJs.  DJs that have put their time in.  DJs that know their craft and take their jobs serious.

We don’t deal with kids that plug in a laptop (or iPhone) stand behind a table a pretend to mix music.  The ones that want to “teach” the listener what they “should be listening to”.  These are the ones that undercut professional DJs and end up ruining client’s parties.

DJCAA is not Thumbtack.com or other sites that promise the hiring of “local pros”.  These sites perform zero due diligence and anyone can bid on a project as long as they pay.  Someone that fixes a toilet and a DJ should not be bidding on the same website.

We allow our clients to choose from a variety of professional DJs based on their experience not based on if they paid us a fee or not.  We check the background, experience and history of each DJ that is in our database.  This reassures our clients that they are hiring a true professional.

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Being a DJCAA member means that you are a professional DJ and you have a organization that stands behind you.  DJCAA also provides a lot of services for you.  We basically act as your virtual agent.

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There’s a lot we can do for you that you can’t get anywhere else.  We don’t just assist in getting gigs, but we do a lot more.  This includes legal contract assistance, insurance, training and support, marketing and advertising and much more!  All for one, low, annual rate that easily pays for itself each year.


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