You're a professional . . .

An organization for Independent Recording Artists
It's time to join an organization that treats you like one.

IRAA - Independent Recording Artist Association is a group of music professionals that knows what the industry is like. CDs are gone, music doesn't sell, more DJs are being booked. What do recording artists (like you) do? Well, there are other avenues. Other techniques. Other ways to get your music out there and GET PAID.

What if we helped promote you, advertise and market your talent. Present your music to the right people, radio stations, promoters? We can act as your virtual agent.

No matter how big or small you are, we provide our services discreetly so only interested clients can see your profile and review your music!

This is important to many established recording artists that don't want to be on a public "cattle call" site for everyone to see.

So, are you interested or does this sound like another one-of-a-million other empty promises? Well, we ask that you review the website and make your own decision if this is something for you.

See the official IRAA website:

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