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    We have your DJ

We handle some of the best DJs around. They're all certifed professionals. We can meet your budget and we can connect you with a professional DJ.

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We can clear things up.

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Club DJs

If you're looking for temp or permenant club DJs, we handle some of the best. Just call us and we'll get it setup for you.

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Event DJs

Make your next event amazing. Don't worry about the quality of your DJ talent. We can take care of that for you.

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Wedding DJs

You have a lot to worry about. Don't let the DJ selection be one of those worries. We'll get you an amazing DJ for your special event.

How it works.

1. Choose your DJ

Let us introduce you to some of our professional DJ clients.

2. Set your budget

Let us know what kind of budget you have and we'll do our best to meet it.

3. Set the date

Let us know the date of your event or gig. We'll get working on it.

4. We'll do the rest

We'll review the best possible DJ from our talent inventory and make it happen. No service fee!

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    We offer free consultation.

  • “This agency is reliable and dependable.
    Takes a load off my schedule.”


    — Richard Stewart, Promoter

  • “This sure helps my business!
    They make me look more professional.”


    — Dorothy Oliver, Wedding Consultant

  • “Great as a backup option when I need a DJ.”


    — Will Saul, Club Owner

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    We have DJs standing by.

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