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How to post your Aircheck demo:

1.  You need to use a Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube player.

2.  Copy the link of your audio demo on Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube.

3.  Click the blue chain link icon button and paste your demo link the click the "Add" button

Your demo player will then post.

NOTE:  You cannot have any type of copyrighted material in your demos. 


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Dailycast News now has a music news section that highlights music industry news, DJ news and independent artist news.  

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If you're looking for news updates for your podcast or live radio broadcast; check this out!  It's free and a great service.

Resources, tips, training for voiceover artists.

Great website for voiceover artists

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This is a group for radio broadcasters, DJs and air personalities to post and share their radio demos or airchecks.  

Attention voiceover artists!  Make money off your craft.  Create a free account.  Post for free. 

Need award-winning voiceover at extremely low cost?  Check this out!

Here's how to post a video or audio player on your feed.

Here's a great tip when looking for a wedding DJ.  We can answer all those questions for you.

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One of the biggest mistakes voiceover artists do is not warming up their voice.  Here are some great tips for warming up your voice before recording script.

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Thinking of starting a podcast?  Here is a great article that will help you do so.

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