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The Disc Jockey Certification Association of America is an organization that takes DJs to the next level.  We are an agency that separates professionals from amateurs.  To learn all about what we do, FOR DJS: START HERE FOR COMPLETE TOUR. | FOR CLIENTS: HIRE A PROFESSIONAL DJ!

We're a lot more.  We also support independent recording artists, music professionals, promoters and venues.  With over 20 years in the industry, we have many productive resources that help you move forward in your career.

We can help

DJCAA can connect you with a professional, certified DJ for your next event.  We can also get you connected for a club or venue DJ.  Don't hire a amateur.  Don't get stuck with a beginner.  Our service will connect you with the best out there.

Our service is free and personalized. Let us know what you're looking for.

Your feedback helps:

 Did you have a positive or negative experience with a DJ?  We would like to know about it.  Even if this DJ is not a DJCAA member, we can share your feedback to give praise/kudos or to help resolve issues. CONTACT US NOW

Why should recording artists be a DJCAA Member?
Latest News
DJs and recording artists can reach over 300,000 viewers on new music TV network. It's all about music, EDM, DJs, music news and music videos. Now Interfusion TV has partnered with DJCAA to get independent and original music videos and DJ videos.
An all-new web portal is introduced with dozens of new features.
Separate yourself from the amateurs


Here's the problem, there are many people out there calling themselves DJs.  The issue is they know nothing about music and the technical knowledge of being a professional DJ.  They bring down the whole industry with bad service, bad reputation and have absolutely no history as a DJ.

Now, you can separate yourself from this group of "DJ Pirates" and let clients know you are indeed a true professional. 




Show it proud


Once you are certified as a DJCAA professional DJ; you will receive a logo with exclusive ID code along with a profile page with your background information.

You either have it, or you don't

Get on the air!






As a DJCAA member, you can get connected with media members to get your work on local, regional and national TV & Radio networks.  Just another perk of being a DJCAA member!


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